The Lady Grace Mysteries consist of twelve books, each with a one-word title coinciding to the letter of the alphabet, which in turn coincides with the book number. As a result, the books have an alphabetic title series: A, B, C, D, all the way to L (Loot).


It's the spring of 1569 and 13-year-old Lady Grace Cavendish , the youngest lady-in-waiting to the Queen , finds herself at a glittering ball choosing amongst three suitors. But the Queen's generosity turns deadly as threats, dark secrets, and even murder descend on the Tudor court. And it is up to Grace to use her intelligence, stealth, and curious nature to solve the mystery that threatens the very lifeblood of England.


Now that Lady Grace is the Queen’s secret “Lady Pursuivant”—a title normally reserved for those who pursue wrongdoers of the Crown—she can hardly believe that a new mystery has fallen in her lap. But what else can it be when Lady Sarah , a fellow lady-in-waiting known for her fancy clothes and hoity-toity attitude, is missing and feared kidnapped by the dashing Captain Drake. Despite her hard feelings, Grace must help rescue Sarah . . . or Sarah’s sullied reputation will ruin her life. But was Sarah really kidnapped? It’s up to Lady Pursuivant to find out!


The Royal Court is on its summer travels and Lady Grace is sure something strange is going on. As Queen Elizabeth narrowly escapes a series of mysterious accidents, Grace must investigate just who might be behind the conspiracy. Could it really be one of the Queen’s faithful friends—or even her latest suitor?


Queen Elizabeth is furious at the production delays of her new coin. To escape her bad temper, Lady Grace and her fellow Maids of Honour skate down the frozen River Thames to the eagerly anticipated Frost Fair. But a gruesome discovery on the ice–a dead man with coins covering his eyes–interrupts the winter revelry. As the Queen’s Lady Pursuivant, Grace must unravel the mystery.


There’s a new arrival—a mysterious and exotic young princess—at Court and Lady Grace can’t believe how many rumours there are about her already. The exiled Banoo Yasmine of Sharakand is a beautiful girl with a pet panther and, everyone believes, magical powers. Yasmine also possesses the renowned Heart of Kings Ruby, a huge stone that she wears around her neck to balls and feasts, that legend says has the power to make kings. When the famed jewel goes missing, the finger is pointed at Grace’s dear friend Ellie Bunting the laundry maid. Grace must prove her friend’s innocence, find the true thief, and restore the stone to its rightful owner.


There is much excitement at Court as the famous painter Levina Teerlinc arrives to paint the Queen's portrait. The Maids of Honor are recruited to help entertain the Queen during the sittings, and to pose for the painter while the Queen is busy. They love being in the studio but have to beware as deadly poisons are used in some of the paints! One of Lady Grace's fellow Maids of Honor, Carmina , begins to act rather strangely--she seems confused and always tired. Her family has recently been involved in a feud with another noble family after her father was killed in a jousting tournament--is it possible that Carmina is being poisoned? Could the painter or her assistants be involved? Can Grace solve the mystery and discover the truth behind the strange happenings at Court?


Preparations for the wedding of one of Lady Grace's fellow Maids of Honour are interrupted when a shipment of gold, on its way to the Queen, is stolen! The culprit is a single masked horseman, all in black - or is it a gang of ruffians from the forest? The clues seem to point in several different directions and Grace, as Queen Elizabeth's trusty secret Lady Pursuivant, can't make head or tail of them. Could one of the newcomers to court be involved? And will Grace be able to help recover the fortune?


It is July of 1570, and Queen Elizabeth I and her court are on summer progress. Currently, they are staying at Medenham Manor, where the Earl, Lord Reynold, is rebuilding the manor house in the latest style. However, soon after the court arrives, rumors begin to circulate that the manor is being haunted by the ghost of the first Earl, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances more than a hundred years ago. Is there really a ghost at Medenham Manor, or are the spooky happenings the work of someone who has a grudge against Lord Reynold? Unable to resist a mystery, Grace is determined to discover the truth.


It's August of 1570, and a new play, called "Intrigue," is opening in London. It is a unique play in that it features a mystery for the audience to solve. Queen Elizabeth is eager to see it, and so a special showing for the Queen is arranged, which Lady Grace attends with other members of the Queen's court. But the play's death scene turns out to be all too real when it is discovered that the leading star, popular actor Richard Fitzgrey, has been murdered on the stage. Grace is determined to find out who the murderer is, but the case is very puzzling and even worse, an innocent man may be executed for a crime he didn't commit if she doesn't find out the identity of the real killer in time.


When a visit to the famous Bartholomew's fair is planned to entertain some Spanish guests, Grace jumps at the chance to get out for the day. But when a mysterious fire at the fair leaves Lady Sarah injured and a gypsy woman dead, the day doesn't seem so pleasant after all, and Lady Grace is left with another mystery on her hands.


Queen Elizabeth I and her court have just arrived at her palace of Hampton Court. Grace and Ellie are out walking the Queen’s dogs when they stumble upon a terrible sight - a man who has just been murdered. The man is Nicholas Urseau, the royal clockmaker. Enlisting the help of her friends, she sets out to solve yet another puzzling mystery at court.


When the crown jewels are stolen from a locked room in the castle right under Queen Elizabeth's nose - she's furious and asks Grace, her secret Lady Pursuivant, to investigate. This is the toughest mystery Grace has had to solve yet. The thief must be amongst them in the palace . . . Can Grace figure out their identity before it's too late?


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