Masou is a tumbler in the queens troupe. His boss is Will Somers (the queen's fool). He is said to be the best tumbler and does the hardest tricks. When the troupe does play-acting for the Queen's entertainment he often gets the lead role. In Jinx he is appointed one of the queen's fools when he helps apprehend a criminal in front of the court. He soon becomes the queeen's favourite, making jests for her amusment.

He came from Africa. He never knew his mother, who died shortly after giving birth to him. When he came to England with his father, his father died soon after, leaving Masou orphaned.

Personality Edit

Masou is joking and lighthearted. He makes many jests and boasts of his tumbling abilities. He teases his two friends, Ellie in particular. He often helps Lady Grace solve mysteries, especially when some acrobatics is required. The only time he has been speechless was when he became one of the Queen's fools.